How Many Weeks Can You Get an Abortion

Abortion is a clinical method to kill down the fetus, but when the process is carried out unmindful or carelessly, things may turn out fatal for the mother. So before embarking on the procedure it is mandatory to know everything about it. Now abortion is performed following two methods- Medication Abortion, Aspiration Abortion. Both these procedures may turn out to be life threatening if carried out during the mature stage of pregnancy, which is after 20 weeks. The best time for conducting medical abortion is within 10 weeks and for aspiration abortion the best time to perform in within 12 weeks. So conducting abortion within the first three months of pregnancy is deemed safe and if you are wondering practically how many weeks can you get an abortion,  the answer is nearly 12/13 weeks.

How the medical abortion procedure is conducted

While undergoing medical abortion, usually abortion pill is taken from the clinic, under specialist supervision. Mifepristone, misoprostol are drugs taken one by another, first mifepristone is taken and it will not cause any relentless physical discomfiture. Afterwards the second pill, misoprostol, both orally and vaginally is used under the custody of healthcare provider. Right after taking misoprostol, abortion starts within an hour, leading to heavy bleeding and cramps. After few days when bleeding completes, pregnancy should be tested and chances are high for no positive sign.

How the aspiration abortion procedure is conducted

Here  the abortion procedure is conducted directly at healthcare clinic. The surgery procedure takes, 5 to 10 minutes to be completed and during the procedure a surgical instrument is inserted into the vaginal cavity, reaching to uterus thus removing the last trace of fetus from there. On the completion of the procedure, bleeding starts and if bleeding persists for longer period repeat visit is required. You must know how many weeks can you get an abortion,  for aspiration abortion you will be getting practically 12 weeks.

Becoming pregnant after abortion

It is feasible to become pregnant after undergoing abortion procedure. May be not within a month but after 5/6 months woman can become pregnant. However expert supervision all through is required. Repeated abortion may cause irresolvable predicament and hamper the functionality of uterus and one may lose the chance to conceive anymore.

Pain to undergo

Both the abortion procedures are little painful, but not unbearable. You will get medication help to lessen down the severity of the pain. However if pain still persists, it is better to visit the doctor without delay.