How Not to Ruin Your EDM Festival Experience

Ask anyone who has ever had a bad weekend at an EDM festival and they’ll tell it is the little things we hardly care about that can make everything go awry.
Here are a few things you need to take care to avoid ruining your festival experience.

Imagine carrying along your credit card only to lose it while taking out your phone or in the midst of an exciting shuffling move. Now imagine again if that happens when you didn’t bother to carry along some cash. Your entire weekend will be ruined beyond repair. You’d probably start bothering friends or begging for a hike home. Avoid little mistakes with bigger consequences such as carrying your valuable plastic and come along with cash instead. You can stash it in your fanny pack if your shorts pockets are not safe enough. Carry enough cash for necessities such as food, drinks, or the cool light up dancing shoes you have been longing for. You may even need to buy a memento at the festival to remind you of the good time you had when you eventually go back home.

The festival is as tiring to your body as it is to your phone too. Your little faithful technological companion will be kept busy all day snapping pictures and updating your FB wall with the exciting events of the day. Soon enough its juice will run out and that’s when curious parents call to know how you are doing, only to find you missing from the airwaves. Avoid the inconvenience of being unable to capture your best moments, and keeping mom freaked out, by carrying along a portable charger. The charger is slim enough to fit in your little bag and doesn’t even weigh much. Invest in a good portable charger that can carry enough power. Otherwise you may not be able to record the festival’s best drops which usually come towards the end.

Wear the best sunscreen you can find and you’ll thank us later. This is the one thing most people often ignore only to suffer and ruin their festival mood in the end. If you are attending the festival in hot summer months between June and September, the sunscreen will be a lifesaver. It will be hard to tell friends of your exciting moments at the festival when you are lobster-red all over. Apply sunscreen as the day gets hotter and events more exciting and you’ll not only leave the festival with great stories, but a nice tan too.

Get a festival map and know where the venue is located. If you are attending the festival in a group, as is always the advisable norm, get a map and ensure each of you knows exactly where you’ll be spending the day and night. Many festivals have multiple stages to accommodate all performers and guests. It can be confusing to a newcomer who is not conversant with the area. Take time to know your way around the venue and especially where strategic amenities such as the water stations are located. If you know your way around, you will enjoy the events without worrying about getting lost. That map is such a little thing, but can save you time and the anxiety of not knowing where you are.

It might sound strange but there are stories of first-time revelers attending an EDM concert fully adorned in high heels. Dress for the event please or you may end up sulky if not suffering a sprain all day. No other concert has the kind of captivating music as an EDM festival. Come to the festival adorned in the best attire for raving 24/7. It is not a prom night for God’s sakes. You have come to have fun so invest in a few accessories to make the weekend a lasting memory. Diffraction glasses and LED light up shoes really do enhance your EDM festival experience.