Microsoft iPod News Surfaces Again

Alright, this is getting annoying. Whatever mind games Microsoft is attempting to play with the tech community is silly and childish at best. Is Microsoft releasing an iPod competitor or not? Every so often, rumors grab headlines detailing Microsoft’s upcoming product plans in regards to Apple and its iPod music player. As I have stated earlier, it’s just not possible to beat Apple at this point. Apple has signed feasible deals with music studios to build an extensive library, thereby single handedly eliminating the so called piracy threat to the music industry. Moreover, iPod and iTunes are brands that mainstream users are familiar with and know how to use them, thanks to Apple’s excellent user interface.

What has Microsoft done?

Sure, the company enjoys 90 percent of the OS market share, but it’s no where near close to being perfect. In fact, many average PC users have experienced the ever popular OS related problems that we are all familiar with by now.

Apple’s iPod has managed to reach the teen audience which is quite a milestone. Regardless of what Microsoft does (unless it’s giving away it’s iPod killer away for free), I seriously doubt many would bite the Microsoft + music bullet.

Before that, however, here’s a note to Microsoft. I don’t know if you are actually the one behind this addictive, albeit annoying, viral marketing campaign, but please put a rest to these rumors and say something. A simple “Yes, we are working on a music player.” should be suffice. We can then focus our attention to the product’s features and specifications.